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Slavoj Zizek responds to Alex Callinicos at Marxism 2009 on ‘What does it mean to be a revolutionary today’.

David Harvey on The Crisis Now.

Tariq Ali on Obama, Pakistan and the US Empire.

Chris Harman on The Crisis Now.

Thanks to Ady Cousins and Counterfire.org.

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In The Transparency of Evil: Essays on Extreme Phenomena, postmodern sociologist-prophet Jean Baudrillard Verso 9781844673452 The Transparency of Evilexamines the legacy of the 1960s, the “orgy” that, he argues, gave birth to our age of dizzying simulation, reproduction, eclecticism, and prosthesis. Explaining how sexual liberation confused the categories of man and woman, artistic innovation conjured a “transaesthetic realm of indifference,” and political revolution perpetuated a diorama world of political forms, Baudrillard uncovers a culture of empty rights that forces us to come to terms with a dramatic new perspective on Evil and conduct a fundamental reassessment of otherness.

The third question in our Radical Thinkers giveaway competition is:

Which celebrity, recently deceased, is Baudrillard referring to in the below quotation?

“La Ciccioloina, as carnal ectoplasm, is very close to Madonna’s artificial nitroglycerine or to ____ ____’s  androgynous and Frankensteinian appeal. All of them are mutants, transvestites, genetically baroque beings whose erotic look conceals their general lack of specificity. They are all ‘gender-benders’ – all turncoats of sex.”


Entry to the competition for Radical Thinkers question 3  is now closed! The answer is:

Michael Jackson

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Jane Wheatley reviews Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust: A History of Walking as part of a ‘Summer reading: outdoors’ special: Verso1844675580Wanderlust New Edition2

“Published in 2001 and already a modern classic. Centuries of painters, poets, philosophers, protesters and pilgrims are marshalled in celebration of the singular human pursuit, best enjoyed in solitude.”

Read the full article here.

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