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Mick Gordon and Chris Wilkinson have interviewed Dan Hind in their new book Conversations on Truth, along with Noam Chomsky, John Humphrys, A.C. Grayling, Simon Blackburn, Mary Midgley, Richard J. Evans and Mary Warnock. From the publishers’ blurb:

These discussions explore the question of what truth is, and what role it has in private, public, political and scientific discourses. While some thinkers view truth as concrete and immutable, others believe that it is an essentially meaningless concept. And for many contributors to this volume it is the practical application of truth which engages them.

Verso 97818442530 Threat to Reason smallDan Hind is the author of The Threat to Reason: How the Enlightenment was Hijacked and how we can Reclaim It.

Richard J. Evans is the author Telling Lies About Hitler.Verso 978-1-85984-417-5 Telling Lies About Hitler

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The Conversations with Distinguished Gentlemen issue of Vice Magazine features an interview with Simon Critchley, who they name as “a Representative of an Endangered Species.”

Read the full article here.

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Verso and Daunt Books invite you to a rare evening with

Tariq Ali in conversation with Mohsin Hamid, author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

To discuss his new book The Protocols of the Elders of Sodom and Other Essays

Verso 9781844673674 Protocols of the Elders of Sodom smallTariq Ali, renowned historian, filmmaker writer, political campaigner and commentator, trains a critical, imaginative and occasionally satirical eye on the works of varied writers – including Tolstoy, Munif, Cervantes, Powell, Solzhenitsyn, Grossman, Goytisolo and Rushdie. The resulting collection of essays – many published for the first time – explore the links between literature, history and politics.

Describing his new book, Tariq Ali says “What these essays have in common is a refusal to downgrade politics and history.”

7pm on Wednesday 29th July at Daunt Books

83-84 Marylebone High Street, London W1

For further information and tickets (£5.00, including a glass of wine)

Please contact Daunt Books on 020 7224 2295, or visit the shop

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The Cultural Turn: Selected Writings on the Postmodern, 1983–1998, by Fredric Jameson, a leading voice on the subject of postmodernism, assembles his most powerful writings on the culture of late capitalism in this essential volume. Classic insights on pastiche, nostalgia, and architecture stand alongside essays on the status of history, theory, Marxism, and the subject in an age propelled by finance capital and endless spectacle. Surveying the debates that blazed up around his earlier essays, Jameson responds to critics and maps out the theoretical positions of postmodernism’s prominent friends and foes. Verso 9781844673490 The Cultural Turn

The eighth question in our Radical Thinkers giveaway competition is:

Perry Anderson writes the foreword to The Cultural Turn: Selected Writings on the Postmodern, 1983–1998. Which of Anderson’s other books offers a more extensive reading of Jameson’s work?


Entry to the competition for Radical Thinkers question 8 is now closed! The answer is:

The Origins of Postmodernity

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In the penultimate part of his 7-part blog, Critchley suggests that far from being morbid, Heidegger’s conception of living in the knowledge of death is a liberating one.

“For human beings, time comes to an end with our death. Therefore, if we want to understand what it means to be an authentic human being, then it is essential that we constantly project our lives onto the horizon of our death. This is what Heidegger famously calls “being-towards-death”. If our being is finite, then an authentic human life can only be found by confronting finitude and trying to make a meaning out of the fact of our death. Heidegger subscribes to the ancient maxim that “to philosophise is to learn how to die”. Mortality is that in relation to which we shape and fashion our selfhood.”

Read the full article here on Comment is Free.

Simon Critchley’s Ethics–Politics–Subjectivity: Derrida, Levinas, and Contemporary French Thought is out now as part of Radical Thinkers Set 4.

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