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Asa Winstanley reviews Gideon Levy’s The Punishment of Gaza for The Electronic Intifada: Levy The Punishment of Gaza Cover Image

Levy is a searing critic of Israeli brutality, as anyone who has read him will know. Right from the beginning, he named the last major Israeli massacre of Gaza “a war crime” — in his 27 December 2008 article “The Neighborhood Bully Strikes Again.” And he criticized it on moral grounds, not merely as the “mistake” or “blunder” that hypocritical Israeli pundits, masquerading as critics, would label it much later on.

At his best, Levy has a way with words that leads him to some brilliant indictments of Israel. He speaks of “the basic, twofold Israeli sentiment that has been with us forever: to commit any wrong, but to feel pure in our own eyes. To kill, demolish, starve, imprison and humiliate — and to still be right, not to mention righteous.”

The full review is available here.If I Am Not For Myself Cover Small

Winstanley also reviews Mike Marqusee‘s If I am Not for Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew for The Electronic Intifada:

A fascinating, meandering sort of family memoir. From the subtitle “Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew” one expects an autobiography. As it turns out, it mostly tells the story of Marqusee’s grandfather Edward V. Morand, based on an inherited suitcase full of his old personal letters, newspaper clippings and so forth.

Winstanley goes to to praise the book as “a crucial warning from history on Palestine for the liberal left of today.”

The full review is available here.

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The Guardian Cif Belief competition to design a t-shirt to ‘welcome’ the Pope to Britian has finished and the winners have been announced.

Some good ones there, and we especially liked this one:

However, we’re disappointed that our own entry didn’t win:

But of course, this would still make the best t-shirt of all:

Quattrocci Pope is Not Gay Cover Image

For more information on the book the Catholic Herald described as ‘deeply offensive’, click here.

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James P. Othmer reviews Christian Salmon’s Storytelling: Bewitching the Modern Mind for the Washington Post, praising Salmon for his “analytical and intellectually satisfying approach”:

Salmon’s insights are thought-provoking and have ramifications beyond the world of advertising. Storytelling Cover Image

A writer and researcher at the Center for Research in the Arts and Language in Paris, Salmon contends that the storytelling methods that originated around Cro-Magnon campfires have been co-opted by politicians, corporate gurus, Hollywood, the military and of course, everyone’s favourite villain, advertisers.

The full article is available here.

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