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Verso 9781844672899 Thin Blue Line smallConor Foley, author of The Thin Blue Line: How Humanitarianism Went to War and Combating Torture: A Manual for Judges and Prosecutors is currently guest blogger on Crooked Timber, a political blog ranked number 33 in the Guardian‘s list of the 50 most powerful blogs in the world.


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Some recently published and forthcoming, non-Verso, politics, theory and music books that have us excited:

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verso-9781844673568-after-the-party“For those contemplating a first journey into the murky world of South African politics, there can be few better guides than Andrew Feinstein. This book by the lawyerly figure who would come to be known as the ANC’s “Mr Clean” in its first post-apartheid governments charts a giddy ascent from political newcomer to euphoric MP and on to disillusioned critic and exile…

Unlike other recent offerings on the same period from South Africa, such as Marc Gevisser’s academic study of Thabo Mbeki and Tony Leon’s unbearably long autobiography, this book is neither the work of a clinical outsider nor a self-glorifying political memoir. It has more in common with Michela Wrong’s excellent It’s Our Turn to Eat. Like her hero, the Kenyan whisteblower John Githongo, Feinstein begins his political career from stage left and in awe of his new colleagues…” — READ MORE

Support independent book stores and buy from them or, if you must, buy online from Verso, Book Depository or Amazon

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verso-9781844673568-after-the-partyAfrica’s African National Congress appears to be on its way to a resounding victory in the country’s fourth democratic election, paving the way for the party’s controversial leader, Jacob Zuma, to become South Africa’s next president. His popularity was unaffected by corruption allegations and the ignominy of enduring a trial on charges of raping a friend’s daughter, of which he was found not guilty.

What will a Zuma presidency mean for the country? TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

Andrew Feinstein’s After the Party:  Corruption, the ANC and South Africa’s Uncertain Future was published by Verso earlier this month.

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A great weekend for recently published and forthcoming Verso books with several reviews in the weekend papers.

(Click to read reviews)

Andrew Feinstein’s After the Party was reviewed in the ScotsmanSunday Times and the Observer, Andrew was also on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week this morning. Click here to hear the interview.

Paul Mason’s Meltdown: The End of the Age of Greed was reviewed in The Times (Saturday edition), the Sunday Telegraph (link unavailable) and Scotsman.

Jacques Lacan’s My Teaching received a glowing review by Steven Poole in the Guardian on Saturday and John Berger’s Booker long-listed novel From A to X was reviewed in the Observer.

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verso-9781844673568-after-the-partyAn invaluable account of the personalities and organizations that will do battle in South Africa’s crucial election, scheduled for 22 April 2009, After the Party provides a riveting first-hand account of how one of the world’s premier liberation movements has lost its moral compass and the consequences for ordinary South Africans.

As much a personal memoir as it is a hard-hitting evaluation of contemporary South African politics, in After the Party former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein tells the story of how he was forced to choose between his loyalty to the ANC, the extraordinary political party that brought about the end of apartheid, and his constitutional responsibility to his country. In August 2001, Feinstein resigned as MP when confronted with the ANC’s corruption and the undermining of political institutions that was necessary to cover it up.

Andrew Feinstein will be on Start the Week on Monday, 20th April

Look out for reviews of After the Party in the Observer and the Sunday Times this Sunday

Buy the book from Amazon and the Book Depository

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“One of the most penetrating analysts of African affairs… a learned book that reintroduces history into the discussion on Darfur and questions the logic and even the good faith of those who seek to place it at the pinnacle of Africa’s recent troubles.” – NY Times (read the full review here)verso-9781844673414-saviours-and-survivors2

Saviors and Survivors, recently published in the US,  is the first account of the Darfur crisis to consider recent events within the broad context of Sudan’s history, and to examine the efficacy of the world’s response to the crisis. Illuminating the deeply rooted causes of the current conflict, Mamdani works from its colonial and Cold War origins to the war’s intensification from the 1990s to the present day.  Examining how the conflict has drawn in national, regional, and global forces, Mamdani deconstructs the powerful Western lobby’s persistent calls for a military intervention dressed up as “humanitarian intervention.” Incisive and authoritative,  Saviors and Survivors will radically alter our understanding of the crisis in Darfur.”

The book will be published by Verso in May.

Preorder the book from Amazon or the Book Depository.

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