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The new issue of the International Socialism journal is out now, featuring Judith Orr on Sheila Rowbotham, Shlomo Sand interviewed by John Rose and Sebastian Budgen on the loss of a great intellectual – Daniel Bensaid and Chris Harman.

Judith Orr writes:Dreamers of a New Day Cover Image

Sheila Rowbotham gives a fascinating account and new insight into some of the debates, organisations and publications that flourished in Britain and the US during this period in her new book, Dreamers of a New Day.

The full article, “Marxism and feminism today”,  is available here. Sheila Rowbotham’s new book Dreamers of a New Day is available now in hardback.

Shlomo Sand speaks to John Rose:

But you know the atmosphere around the established Jewish community in France is frightful. People are afraid. In France at first journalists were afraid to write about the book. However, after the war on Gaza a lot of walls fell down and people began to write more and Sand The Invention of the Jewish People Cover Imagemore about the book. And now there is a pocketbook version and again it is in the bestsellers list. In 2009 the full-size version was the bestselling book about history. But don’t underestimate just how reactionary, racist and authoritarian the current mood of the pro-Zionist circles in the French Jewish community is. They remind me of the pro-Stalinist influence in Paris at the beginning of the 1950s or even the McCarthyist influence in the US at the same time.

The full article, “Interview: Zionism, socialism and nationalism”, is available here. Shlomo Sand’s book The Invention of the Jewish People is now available in paperback.

Sebastian Budgen pays tribute to Verso authors Daniel Bensaïd and Chris Harman, who both  sadly died this year:

For Chris Harman and Daniel Bensaïd, two men who have died at almost the same age and within months of each other—one after a monumental 20-year struggle against illness, the other plucked without warning from the night—scarcely addressed probably more than a few sentences directly to each other in over 40 years. And yet their lifelong, daily, uncomplaining commitment to combine the patient, often wearisome, work of building a small revolutionary group with that of trying to theoretically regenerate the grandeur of the classical Marxist tradition by fertilising it constantly with elements of the new was nonetheless a common eHarman People's History of the World Cover Imagendeavour.Marx For Our Times Cover Image

The full article, “The Red Hussar: Daniel Bensaïd, 1946-2010”, is available here. Daniel Bensaïd’s book Marx for Our Times: Adventures and Misadventures of a Critique is available in paperback. Chris Harman’s A People’s History of the World: From the Stone Age to the New Millenium is also available in paperback.


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Thousands of people attended a meeting in Paris last Sunday to remember Daniel Bensaïd, the late French philosopher and author of Marx for Our Times:

The audience brought together militants of the NPA of all ages, young newcomers and veterans of the 68 generation, representatives of other left forces, people from the world of culture, and also former LCR activists who had shared a militant adventure with Bensaïd and moved awasay, through tiredness or renunciation, at some point along the road. A road that as said Daniel “was much longer than we imagined in the youthful enthusiasm of the 1960s”, but from which he never deviated, until the end of his life, and with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning…

…Daniel was noted for his “stubborn fidelity to the oppressed and opposition to any dogmatic orthodoxy”, his contempt for “homo resignatus”, and high quality literary work, “coming from the pen of a real writer.” The best way to pay tribute to Daniel was to remember the words of the American trade unionist, Joe Hill, just before being shot: “don’t mourn, organize!.”

Read the full account here.

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Tragically, Daniel Bensaid, author of Marx For Our Times passed away this morning, Tuesday 12th January 2010.

For more information see here.

Article in Liberation here.

Rough translation of Liberation article here.

LATEST 15/01/2010

Tariq Ali’s obituary of Bensaid in the Guardian.

Le Monde Diplomatique.

Socialist Workers Party in Ireland.

Socialist Workers Party.

Socialist Worker.

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